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For complete peace of mind, your new Rolls-Royce comes complete with a four-year comprehensive ownership package, regardless of the motor car’s mileage. This includes servicing, repairs and maintenance, as well as roadside assistance.

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Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive

Effortless Ownership

Full coverage of all routine service items (filters, brakes, engine oil, etc.)

Rolls-Royce Roadside Assistance support within the selling region

Complimentary map updates throughout the package period

No mileage restriction

Full, certified service history from the approval Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dealer network


Service Plans

Introducing our unrivalled ownership package, seamlessly activated after the initial four years. Protect your car and enjoy the reassurance of an additional two, three or five years of effortless motoring. Our uncompromising standards, meticulous care and drive for excellence can now maintain your Rolls-Royce motor car for up to nine years.

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An MOT check is one of the most complicated and in-depth inspections your car will have. It is important that you book your Rolls-Royce in for a yearly MOT to ensure it continues to run smoothly. A Rolls-Royce MOT is carried out by trained Rolls-Royce technicians, at a lower price than you might expect.

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Roadside Assistance

For four years after buying your new motor car, you’ll have peace of mind that, should anything unexpected happen, you’re covered by our comprehensive Roadside Assistance recovery package.* Whenever you’re in your warranty region, we’ll make sure any necessary repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.

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