Introducing the Rolls-Royce Dawn

After the darkness comes the Dawn – but rarely is it so sexy and captivating. The Rolls-Royce Dawn is the perfect blend of classic lines and 21st Century style. Similar to the unbroken lines found in nature, this model has the low, fluid centre line profile. Beneath Dawn’s sleek exterior sits a 6.6-litre V12 twin-turbo engine. This is open-top driving as you’ve never experienced it before.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Dawn is enthralling inside and out, granting you both freedom and control. Driver assistance gives you a truly effortless drive – a chauffeur without a chauffeur. A uniquely modern agility means Dawn is the perfect companion to the most vibrant of lifestyles. Here is a motor car that looks to the future and brings with it a new level of finesse. Every drive opens new possibilities. Designer Giles Taylor wanted a sense of three dimensional harmony, where nothing is unnecessarily forced. The result is spectacular. With the roof up, the mood is powerful and yet, with one touch, its sensual appeal is unveiled. The roof slides away, revealing a seductive interior. The windscreen frame, crafted as a single piece, enhances the sense of grace and fluidity, while the wider track and iconic grille lend purity and authority.

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The crafted French seam in the soft-top roof offers an unbroken surface and stunning aesthetics. An emblem of ease and opportunity, the roof opens in just 22 seconds, revealing an open deck area that connects you to your surroundings like never before. Dawn’s interior is an effortless continuation of its exterior. Banks of leather create a soft line, fusing inside and out.

Crafted from wood and leather, the cabin is indulgent. Roof up or down, Dawn wraps its passengers in comfort, providing a cosseting private haven and uplifting spaciousness. The deck and rear are finished with handcrafted veneers that waterfall forward to meet the driver. Superior noise isolation, comparable to that enjoyed within a hardtop, lets you carry tranquillity with you. Dawn’s interior offers everything, except compromise.

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Our legendary and unrivalled attention to detail is no different for a previously-owned Rolls-Royce, than it is for the motor cars leaving Goodwood today. It begins with the selection of the Provenance motor car itself. We only feature those that have been meticulously cared for and maintained at the highest level, with an exhaustive written record to prove it.

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Purchasing a new Rolls-Royce is a life event. So, rather than just hand you the keys, we'd like to gift you a night in five star luxury at Trump Turnberry when you can take delivery of your new car in an incredible setting.

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