We are proud to present this striking Wraith Black Badge. This particular example is finished in Black Diamond. The contrast between the Black and Cobalto Blue leather interior pays tribute to the bold nature of Black Badge and our customers.

Out of the darkness, rises the Wraith Black Badge - the most thrilling incarnation of Rolls-Royce, delivering a driving experience that is truly alive.

One of the main aims of this car is to embolden the Wraith's fastback lines. The Spirit of Ecstasy, now as black as nightfall, forges forward. The darkened chrome pieces create a magnetic presence and the carbon fibre composite wheels make this car catch the eyes of many.

The 6.6-litre V12 engine produces an impressive 624bhp and the eight-speed transmission shifts higher up in the rev range, compared to the regular Wraith - meaning this car is noticeably more vocal. On top of these key improvements, the Black Badge is graced with new drive shafts and a reworked suspension/steering set-up. All of which adds to greater body control and keener responses.

This particular example, which recently arrived at our Edinburgh showroom, is available for a test drive by appointment. Contact our team on 0131 442 1000 for further information.