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The UK’s best-selling plug-in vehicle is now available as a commercial vehicle. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Commercial offers businesses the benefits of an ultra-low emissions vehicle for deliveries in urban ULEV zones as well as the ability to cover long distances when required and minimise the downtime associated with seeking out charge points and recharging during the day.

Being classed as an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle means the Outlander PHEV Commercial is also eligible for the UK government’s Plug-In Van Grant. This means business customers can enjoy a saving of £7,900 resulting in an on-the-road price of just £25,113 (excluding VAT including the PiVG, VED and First Registration Fee).

The Outlander PHEV Commercial is fitted with a full, floor-to-ceiling bulkhead located behind the front seats, which is solid at the base with the top half comprising a protective metal mesh. The flat load area measures 1,650mm in length, 1,000mm in width (measured between the wheel arches), 800mm high at the tailgate and has a maximum payload of 510kg.

The Outlander PHEV Commercial offers the same unique 4WD solution as the standard SUV version. An electric motor on each axle means that even in EV mode, the Outlander PHEV remains a true 4WD at all times and a simple button allows the driver to select between normal, snow and lock modes to optimise the 4WD experience and very handy if you want to stay mobile on those cold and snowy winter days.

It’s a commercial vehicle, but that shouldn’t mean a lower standard of specification than you deserve. The Outlander PHEV Commercial remains stylish and comfortable with features such as 18” alloy wheels, a heated windscreen, heated seats, heater and air-con scheduler function, reversing camera and electronic parking brake. The touchscreen audio system features Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatibility along with Bluetooth connection and DAB radio to make those long business days more enjoyable whilst keeping you connected but safe.

List price (ex PiVG) £39,250

CV OTR (ex PiVG) £33,013.33

CV OTR (inc PiVG) £25,113.33

The list price includes VAT but excludes VED and First Registration Fee. The CV On The Road prices shown exclude VAT but include VED and First Registration Fee. Metallic paint extra.

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