At Leven Kia Edinburgh, we recently offered our customers the opportunity to win our all-new Kia Stinger for a weekend. It was a great competition with a huge amount of entries but it turned out to be so much more than we’d anticipated.

Our winner was Russell Taylor, who is the trustee of the remarkable Team Jak Foundation. Team Jak Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting the families, friends and bereaved children and young people with cancer and related illnesses.

Instead of using the prize for himself, Russell generously requested that a family who Team Jak support got the car for the weekend and of course, we happily obliged. Team Jak then chose a family at random and the car went to Islay and her family.

Islay and her family enjoyed a complimentary day out at the Museum of Flight in East Lothian whilst travelling in style

Islay’s mum Fiona said:

“The Kia Stinger is a beautiful car, I totally loved it and the kids were very impressed too. Very smooth and comfortable, I could happily do the school and hospital runs in it! Thank you to The Leven Car Company and Team Jak, a fabulous weekend was had!”

Her hair is dyed yellow for the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with #CCAM – a campaign dedicated to getting more government support for sufferers of Childhood Cancer

Thank you to Russell for his generous act and to the family for spending some time with us here at Leven Kia Edinburgh!