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Hethel Open Up the Factory Doors to Celebrate Their 70th Anniversary

For those who own a Lotus, once owned a Lotus or are simply a Lotus enthusiast, Hethel was the place to be on Saturday 29th September. A 70th birthday celebration of the prestigious brand took place and the event was entirely sold out.

Lotus opened up its doors to their Norfolk based factory and we took this opportunity to invite our own guests down south, departing from our Edinburgh dealership.

Tickets were free for any Lotus owners and as Scotland’s only official Lotus dealership, we issued ours out accordingly. There were over 1600 road and competition Lotus cars from a range of eras in attending – marking the largest ever gathering.

Visitors were given the opportunity to explore the Lotus factory, attend workshops and design studios as well as watch the track activity throughout the day.

Attendees on the day included Classic Team Lotus who brought some of their F1 cars for an amazing static display, as well as on-track demo runs. Group Lotus’s CEO Peng Qingfeng was also in attendance and he unveiled two bespoke Lotus Evora GT410s in heritage livery at the event. Our friends from the Jim Clark Trust were there with the exclusive Jim Clark special edition Evora GT410 Sport on display.

We helped to commission the Evora GT410 Sport in partnership with Jim Clark and you have the opportunity to win this car! Enter the competition here – good luck!

As well as acknowledging their 70-year contribution to motorsport, Lotus has also announced a multi-million-pound investment in the future of the company.

Our guests had a great time convoying down the scenic route and they really did look the part for those driving past us!

The event ended with the largest parade of Lotus cars ever seen on the Hethel track – a fitting end to a fantastic weekend.

The weekend was great and as a company, we enjoyed telling our guests about the plans that we have with our Lotus franchise, where we want to take it and how we’re going to ensure that they are looked after following our recent acquisition.