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Edinburgh City Youth Team News

Edinburgh City Youth currently have over 400 kids playing football for them.

This season, 2018/19, The Leven Car Company have agreed to be the main sponsor for the team.

All age groups were given new home and away kits for the current season, and in February we invited some of the players along to our showrooms to get their pictures taken, in aid of helping to promote our partnership. They had a great time looking around all of the showrooms!

Please scroll below to see their current league tables or visit their website here.

Under 13’s (Division 1) 2018-19

Under 13’s (Division 3) 2018-19

Under 14’s (Division 1) 2018-19

Under 15’s (Division 2) 2018-19

Under 15’s (Division 3) 2018-19

Under 16’s (Division 1) 2018-19

Under 16’s (Division 2) 2018-19

Under 17’s (Division 1) 2018-19

Under 17’s (Division 2) 2018-19

Under 19’s (Division 1) 2018-19