It's great to see that in recent weeks Dawn has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the press nationwide.

We've driven the car ourselves at our Mar Hall drive day and we're not exaggerating when we say that the newest Rolls-Royce model is nothing short of exceptional. If we've not done enough to convince you already then maybe The Telegraph's recent reviews will...

Blue Rolls Royce Dawn

"I don’t think I have once found myself slowing down at the end of a test drive because I didn’t want it to end in 30 years in this business. But I did with Dawn. The most perfect luxury car you can buy? Oh yes, absolutely. More than that, I think when Kirsty Young asks you to save one Desert Island car from the waves I think you would opt to save your Dawn, which means it might just be the most perfect car of all."

"Whether you’re in the driving seat, marvelling at how 563bhp can seem so smooth and sophisticated, or riding shotgun and enjoying how the recalibrated air suspension cushions bumps, humps and ruts of all shapes and sizes, while at the same time holding the car’s body completely flat through corners, what you are experiencing is engineering of the highest order."

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