Introducing the Lotus Evora GT410

Launched ahead of the Lotus 70th anniversary celebrations, the Evora GT410 Sport draws from the Evora GT430 to provide advanced aerodynamics in a widely celebrated sports car. Combining the latest design philosophy with a car loved by both critics and customers, it packs raw performance with the latest Lotus aerodynamic developments to provide a first-class replacement for the Evora Sport 410 model.

Lotus Evora GT410 Sport

Integrating key elements of the GT430’s sculptured body style, including a bespoke new composite front and rear body panels but without some of the high downforce elements, the new Evora GT410 Sport enjoys a more subtle, sleek silhouette. As with all Lotus sports cars, aerodynamic downforce is a requirement and this new GT-class coupe generates up to 96kg of downforce, making it the new benchmark compared to similarly priced rivals. Such an intense focus on the car’s critical mass delivers the headline power-to-weight ratio of 326hp/tonne and the top speed to 190mph (305km/h). Although the car has reduced mass, a range of lightweight options can be specified for the Evora GT410 Sport.

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Ensuring that they make the most of the traction on-tap, the Evora GT410 Sport uses Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres with a suspension package of Eibach ultra-light, low-sideload springs and Bilstein fixed-valve sports dampers, fitted as standard. A touring suspension package is available as a no cost option, featuring Bilstein non-adjustable dampers with touring valve specification and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres.

The newly defined GT-class sports car truly encapsulates the essence of the brand’s headline model. The application of top-down evolution introduces a new front and rear aesthetic - first seen on the GT430. Consequently, the car’s design combines a strong physical presence with effortless aerodynamic ability. The revised front panel features two enlarged carbon fibre ducts, with integrated air blades, to efficiently move air around the front wheels reducing turbulence and decreasing drag. Downforce is increased by a creation of a combination of the deep front splitter and new motorsport-derived rear diffuser, mounted beneath the new style mesh grille, providing a cleaner finish. Skillfully crafted carbon fibre ducts behind each rear wheel vent high pressure air as quickly as possible from the rear wheel arches, balancing downforce.

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