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We built your Kia, so we’re best placed to keep it running to the highest standard. Our dealers will carry out the necessary service and maintenance for your Kia using only Genuine Kia parts and our trained technicians. This could boost the resale value of your car by having a full Kia service history.

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Service Promise

1. Appointments

Your appointment suits your schedule

2. Customer greeting

A friendly welcome when entering our service area

3. Diagnosis

We listen to what you have to say and take the time to discuss the repair options

4. Repair orders

Before starting any service work on your Kia, we’ll review the repair details with you and ask for a signature to make sure you’re happy

5. Pricing

Our pricing policy is transparent

6. Performing service work

Your service will be performed on time and with accuracy

7. Monitoring

We’ll keep you informed regarding repair progress and any changes in timing

8. Final inspection

After servicing, the repair is crosschecked and quality controlled to ensure that all work has been completed

9. Vehicle collection

When you arrive to pick up your Kia, we’ll explain the repair details and answer any questions you may have

10. Follow-up

Don’t be surprised if you receive a call from us a few days after picking up your vehicle. Your feedback contributes to our commitment to continuous service improvement.


Service Plans

Kia Care is our service plan designed to give you great value and keep your vehicle in top condition. Whatever Kia you have, we have a Kia Care fixed-price service package tailored to suit the age and mileage of your vehicle, keeping running costs down.

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Book an MOT

An MOT check is one of the most complicated and in-depth inspections your car will have. To keep your Kia running smoothly, you will need to book it in for a yearly MOT. A Kia MOT is carried out by trained Kia technicians, at a lower price than you might expect.

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During your Kia ownership you may need to replace a part in your vehicle and when that happens we recommend using genuine Kia parts. They’re engineered to precise and exact standards by Kia, matching the original specification of your car.

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