The Grand Tour Episode 3 - Featuring DB11 and Dawn

We couldn’t have planned it any better...

Episode 3 of The Grand Tour - the return of the three original Top Gear presenters to our screens but in their new Amazon Prime home – features the Aston Martin DB11 and the Rolls-Royce Dawn.

We are excited to see what they think of our two showroom stars. In the trailer, James May can be seen cruising through Italy in a stunning Rolls-Royce Dawn, while the DB11 shows off its speed and agility on the track.

Stream the episode live this Friday, 2nd December, on Amazon Prime. If you’re not yet a subscriber, click here:|c_108642712164_m_m2mppc94896-21-dc_s_

We can’t promise to recreate the scenes (if only we could all cruise off on a Grand Tour of Italy in a Rolls-Royce) but we can certainly treat you to a test drive of either the Dawn or the Aston Martin DB11.

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