We took a selection of our cars to Tartan Tarmac's breakfast meet at the Riverside Museum through in Glasgow.

"TartanTarmac aims to be Scotland’s most popular website for motoring enthusiasts and people who think of cars and bikes as more than just a method of getting from A to B."

At the end of each month Tartan Tarmac host a breakfast car meet showcasing a wide range of vehicle types. It is mostly always located at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow - so we thought we'd take a few cars along and see what all the fuss was about.

In the end, we decided to go through in force and took a selection of cars from The Leven Car Company, Aston Martin Edinburgh and Rolls-Royce Edinburgh.

Together, we convoyed to the meet where we were greeted by many - eagerly waiting - car owners and enthusiasts.

Leven were proud to present our Range Rover SVR, Land Rover Defender 90SVX and Porsche GT3 throughout the day.

From Aston Martin Edinburgh we took along our Vanquish S & V12 Vantage S.

On top of this, already impressive lineup, Rolls-Royce Edinburgh took the Ghost & Wraith to have on display at the meet.

We shall be attending more of these events, so keep an eye out for future events by visiting their website: