At Leven Car Company we want you to get the most from your new car and unlike many car dealers we’re not content with handing you the keys and saying “Cheerio!” The safety of our customers on the road is just as important to us as their satisfaction. That’s why we offer our complimentary ‘Driving Delivered’ performance tuition with every car sold at The Leven Car Company.

What is ‘Driving Delivered’?

Driving Delivered is a new initiative that we’ve chosen to offer to each of our customers at The Leven Car Company. It consists of a full day of advanced driving experience in your new car to maximise your enjoyment and safety in your new car, all under the guidance of Mark Ryan, an Advanced and Emergency Response Driving Assessor/Instructor with Police Scotland.

What can you expect to learn on your “Driving Delivered” course?

  • Driving techniques to allow you to enhance your driving performance in a safe manner.
  • Familiarisation of your new vehicle.
  • An appreciation of how the vehicle works in harmony with the driver.
  • An understanding of how the external forces can be balanced to extract the best driving experiences from driver and vehicle.
  • Confidence that you will be able to appreciate your vehicle to the fullest.

When and where will my ‘Driving Delivered’ session be carried out?

We’ll always do our best to accommodate you at a time and place that suits you. Our driver, Mark Ryan, is based in Fife and can travel to meet you at an agreed location in Scotland. With his experience and background, Mark has a fantastic knowledge of the best driving roads across the country. So no matter where you agree to meet, you can expect your session to be carried out on the most appropriate roads to maximise your enhanced performance.