'Dieselgate: The only car that actually passes new 'real world' fuel consumption tests - an Aston Martin Vantage'

We were pleased, though I have to say, not surprised, to read that Aston Martin’s Vantage is the only vehicle to achieve its advertised fuel consumption in the Daily Telegraph today.

It proves that the manufacturer standards we publish are true to life. The miles per gallon figure of 20.5 is excellent for a supercar so we are proud it has been proved on a real road test and not just in a lab.

Customers can be assured that we take our standards seriously and all the stats we publish are realistic, from mpg to speed 0-60 and so on.

With a supercar like Aston Martin, customers love the sound of the V8 engine and don’t want that to be compromised. Many competitors are finding that in order to comply with fuel emissions targets they are having to reduce the engine size and add a turbo. This has an effect on that famous engine roar.

At Aston Martin we don’t do that. We keep the big engine and make better design decisions so that customers don’t feel they are always filling up the tank. It has to be affordable as well as a supercar!

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