This beautiful, new, V12 Vantage S has recently arrived in the showroom and what a special car it is! In this video, our Sales Specialist, Craig Handley, gives an overview of what makes the car so special.

Finished in Alloro Green with Yellow Accents Pack, this 6.0 litre V12 has one of the last naturally aspirated engines, producing an impressive 565 bhp!

In addition to the naturally aspirated engine, what makes this car even more special is its seven-speed manual transmission that incorporates a dogleg first gear; this means that you select first by moving the shifter to the left and back, and that gears second through seventh will then occupy the three fore-and-back channels, although 2 sits above 3, 4 above 5, and 6 above 7.

To celebrate the uniqueness of this car we have really gone to town with the specification! Lightweight carbon fibre seats in leather and alcantara add to the sportiness of the V12 Vantage S and carbon fibre splitter, front grille, bonnet vents, side strakes and rear bumper finish off the car in spectacular fashion.

It is available for £162,155 however bespoke finance packages are also available. Contact our team for more information.